Alexander Kluth. Software Developer.
Web development. Consulting.

Developing great web applications with a powerful and well performing backend with short response times is the main goal of every web application. Unfortunately, defining and building a great software architecture can be complex and difficult.

Choose someone who knows about what he's talking about and who's getting you to a powerful web application.


I provide consultancy as well as development if you want a powerful web application with an efficient and well performing backend and software architecture.
I can assist your developers using and getting the most out of git, assist you defining a release management process and, of course, I can develop the backend you want for your application in PHP, Perl or Ruby. And if you want to, I can start developing on your existing backend and make it more awesome either.
Oh, and if DevOps says something to you - I'm spreading the word like an evangelist since two years and got everything you need, from Chef to Puppies, to get you started with DevOps in your company.

About Me

I'm programming and developing software since 10 years. My main languages are now PHP, Perl, C and JavaScript. I internalized the main concepts about programming and learned a lot about different paradigms and design patterns as well - there's no programming language I cannot handle.

My main field of activity since four years is web development - I developed several big web site backends and web application backends based on PHP and Symfony2 as well as Perl and Mojolicious.

Last but not least I'm an open source evangelist and Linux enthusiast.


You want more information about me? You want to see my CV?
No problem - just mail me a message or call me (see the navigation to your left for the number) and I can give you more information and you can ask me what you want.